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Doctor Who casting info )

The TARDIS ball Harry swallowed came out this evening,thank god,he said he heard a clanging.I went to investigate and there it was.Yippee!
Apologies if anyone was just eating.

There's also a fantastic new Harry Potter HBP trailer out.See here.
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My best friend in RL,was due to have her baby last Tuesday gone,and yesterday she had stretch and a sweep at the clinic;That is an internal procedure,where she is stimulated to bring her labor forward.

So realistically she could have the baby at any time,she has also got the go ahead to have the baby at home,which until now was undecided due to her low iron levels.
Oh but I am so excited for her,I am on call as her husband works nights,and I have promised to go straight over at any time...
I am on tender-hucks,I have scrubbed the house and drunk an amazing amount of coffee,my hands are shaking I feel so jittery!

Over news,I had a disturbing amount of letters form debt collectors today,at first I wanted to push them in a cupboard and cry,but I found my strength and rung every single on of them,and hopefully I have sorted out what could have been an immanent disaster.

It`s helped that the Doctor Who fandome has exploded once again,there is nothing better then fandome to find peace and joy when your life screws up mercilessly.J.K.Rowling updated her site again last night,The Do Not Disturb sign was removed from the door once again,and the door has opened!
Nothing yet has been revealed,but it should be something good,it usually is...

For now I go back to more cleaning,after this caffeine stimulated,random post.

UPDATE:There are now instructions on how to enter the secret room,in the friends comments,in this post.
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There was a wonderful article in the Independent yesterday,about Daniel Craig who plays the new James Bond.The writer,Rowna Pelling sticks up for him,after all the bad press he has been getting of late.under this shiny cut,because it`s a bit long )

Doctor Who casting spoilers new series two )
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Met up with my old friend again at playgroup today and we enjoyed a good couple of hours sharing old photos and reminiscing about times past.
In one of the photos, she brought me to see, I was wearing my home made My Little Pony’s dress!
We were stood in my front garden with my Mum, and it looked like we were about to go fishing for Tadpoles, we had those cheap nets on a stick...

I found her easy to talk too, and extremely fascinating. Apparently, she used to get all my old clothes when I had finished wearing them, and she could remember my date of birth; sometimes it was as if she was talking about someone else, I could not remember half of what she could remember, and at times it felt as thou she was talking about someone else. Her memories of what I was like, when I was younger,didn`t tally with my own. Lots to think about!

The newspaper was reporting today that Garry Oldman may not be in The Order Of the Pheonix, and that hundreds of fans at his web site were planning to boycott the film.
I was checking at Mugglenet, and apparently, Warner Bros has now confermed that he, along with David Thewlis has both been sighed for the film.
Sigh of relief...

Blackpool, cut for spoilers )
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